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Your Intelligent Companion robot is here, ready to befriend, entertain, teach, and communicate in a wide variety of scenarios. Alpha Mini is highly portable, bringing fun interactions and a wealth of expressions and functionality, including voice interaction, 4G LTE connectivity, face recognition and object recognition. Fourteen servo motors power a variety of flexible movements, such as dancing, kung fu, and getting up after a fall, while the adorable LCD eyes can show emotion and expressions – making Alpha Mini feel like a true part of the family.


Live Communication

Integrated with 4G capabilities, voice communication and text to speech.


Advanced Humanoid Movement

Flexible movements with a dynamic balance system


Sensor Technology

Includes touch, object avoidance, and direction.


Experiencing and Exploring AI Robotic Applications

The humanoid robot AlphaMini is the ideal platform for teaching AI robotic knowledge and applications at various levels. He can serve as both a versatile teaching assistant and an essential carrier for AI robotic curriculum delivery.


Teaching Assistant

AlphaMini can deploy customized teaching activities on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups. He can help educators to teach core subjects including reading, writing, math, English…as well as a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as mechanics, motion control and computer science.


Increasing Student Engagement

AlphaMini has been designed to make its interaction with human beings as natural and intuitive as possible. He can easily build emotional links with teachers and students with his eye-catching appearance, vivid facial expressions and highly humanlike behaviors such as sneezing.


AI Robotic Curriculum Included

Developed in conjunction with educators in this field, the curriculum of AlphaMini has been tested and optimized to impart AI robotic learning. Students can also foster teamwork, project management, problem solving and communication skills during the process.


Students Creating Their Own Intelligent World

AlphaMini is a fully programmable robot. Based on the “Learning + making” education approach, the AlphaMini platform allows students to learn and practice AI robotic technologies and skills, which leads to finally innovate.


UBTECH Self-developed Open ROSA platform

AlphaMini is embedded with ROSA, an open platform with Android-based SDK and documents which can be combined with external educational applications and services. Based on the highly extensible platform educators can customize their teaching activities while students can acquire more learning resources.

Speech interaction

Environment Detecting

Computer vision

Sensor Integrating

Battery management

Decision Making

Motion control

multi-device connection

Emotional Expression

Resource allocation


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