by WoodWow

Are you a fan of assembling models? Is creating robots your thing too? This time we take the best of both worlds, and spin them together! Introducing WOODWOW, a unique Remote Control Wood Assembling Mechanical Robot that the world has never seen before!


Wooden Assembly

Featuring the eco-friendly wood material, Woodmaster is long-lasting and environmentally friendly.  It will serve you for years, and after that, the parts can be recycled with no harm to the environment.


Wooden mechanical models are always fascinating. However, Woodmaster’s mechanics are not only fascinating, but also extremely useful. Wooden Mecanum wheels, tank tracks, water-bomb artillery, football catapults, and a wide variety of modules make Woodmaster both attractive and powerful.

Intelligent Chip

Although built from wood, Woodmaster has incredible structural strength and operational flexibility, which goes beyond your traditional notions of assembled products and makes your own assembled robot a performance monster. With the enhanced functionality of Zino control, the Woodmaster is a real robot.

App & Camera

Woodmaster is controller through the APP by default. You can see the picture from the camera in real time on the mobile phone and enjoy FPV driving. The App includes detailed assembly guide and gameplay instructions to help you enjoy Woodmaster.

Remote Control

Woodmaster remote control is also made of wood, but is as powerful and easy to use as a gamepad. You can adjust the settings of the remote control according to your preferences.


One of the most important features of Woodmaster is programming. It is programmable via multiple visual programming suites, just drag, drop and create!

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